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Mitsubishi Electric - True Corporation - LERTVILAI is now ready to provide 5G smart factory prototype with total automation.

Date : 30 July 2021 | Categories :

Bangkok July 29, 2021-  Mitsubishi Electric, a technology regarding production leading provider collaborating with True 5G, and LERTVILAI, leading developer and designer of autonomous robotic system and automatic system, strengthens Thai industrial sector by bringing 5G intelligent network to jointly build 5G Smart Factory Prototype, in order to integrate production systems with digital technologies, developing a fully automated production line solution with the combination of Autonomous Mobile Robotic (AMR). The solution is now ready to be delivered to various industries for real usage. The 5G Smart Factory prototype has been exhibited at EEC Automation Park, Bangsaen, Chonburi for public to experience the state-of-the-art production technology in a non-human operation factory or a so- called “Automation Factory” to support Digital Transformation. The model demonstrates automation factory systems which connect machinery and equipment, and real- time transferred data is undertaken via True 5G Private Network providing high speed transmission as well as stability and safety. True 5G intelligent network also enables an instantly controlling and inspection of all production line at any time, as well as data analysis in order to increase efficiency in manufacturer management, it also reduces business cost throughout the production and supply chain which helps increase competitive advantages and create opportunities to grow sustainably.  The solution also encourages implement of innovation and digital technology to drives business and support Thai industry to fully transform into Industry 4.0.

Mr. Wichiene Ngamsukkarsemsri, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd said that Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation, an integrated automation system manufacturer, distributor and training advisor of current alliances helps developing solutions for over 900 companies with over 10,000 actual case of solutions worldwide.  For Thailand, which is the production-based for various industries, but humans are still considered as the main resources in production line, Mitsubishi Electric has brought “e- F@ctory” service for over 5 years with an aim to expand knowledge in automation for personnel resources in Thailand on Technology Transferring and promote the use of automation system to increase competitive capacity with foreign countries. Therefore, the company has collaborated with EEC to initiate EEC Automation Park, an automation innovation & human resources area to accommodate industrial sector which is in line with EEC policy that aims to develop the country by supporting new industries that have the necessities to use advanced technology along with bringing automation technology expertise to develop Thai human resources of both Up-Skill and Re-Skill and also in order to build educational network by joining with  EEC-HDC to implement technology & solutions that have been co-developed with alliances to create knowledge and understanding about technology that could be adapted for real usage. Therefore, this would increase potential, and reduce production cost as well as simultaneously develop human resources of industrial production sector.  5G technology is one of the key technologies that could help increasing competitive edge for Thai Industry 4.0 era. Therefore, Mitsubishi Electric has joined with True 5G and Lertvilai by exhibiting EEC Automation Park with a 100% non-human production simulation line for the public to study as a prototype for further production development. 

Mr. Piroon Paireepairit, Head of 5G Working Group, True Corporation Plc., said that True Group continues to build 5G intelligent network offering the faster speed with the most complete 7 frequency spectrums in Thailand and nationwide coverage, and create 5G Ecosystem by collaborating with partners to encourage 5G usage for the maximum benefit for Thais and the nation. By implementing 5G technology in industrial sector is another dimension that important for True 5G in driving Industry 4.0, and lining with the government sector’s policy to drive the economy forward. Thus, True 5G collaborates with Mitsubishi Electric who has expertise in factory automation and Lertvilai, leading developer and designer of robotic and automatic system to build 5G Smart Factory prototype with fully automation system that overcomes the limitation of traditional technology with a further step beyond in bringing the potential of True 5G intelligent network, the Private Network that provides high speed, stability and safety installed in EEC area to develop production line automation solution. The solution offers seamless connection in controlling machinery, equipment and Autonomous Mobile Robotic (AMR) in the factory automatically via True 5G intelligent network which increases efficiency in real- time wireless data transmission as well as accommodates many IoT devices and AR technology for faster and more convenience in inspecting the manufacturer system throughout production line from anywhere at any time on smartphone or tablet. Moreover, the solution also includes data collection, processing and analytic for factory management and reduces business cost efficiently. This collaboration is a perfect integration of production line system and state-of-the-art digital telecommunication technology that fully transforms intelligent production line and ready to serve various industries in real usages.  

Dr. Prapin Abhinorasaeth, President, Lertvilai and Sons Co., Ltd. said that the success of 5G adoption with Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) has made AMR having a brain that could connect with the control system allowing smooth stability performance with mobility and high ability to happen which is at the same time avoid obstruction as well. This shows the readiness of 5G that could be apply for actual usage in industrial sector as 5G has wireless connectivity with flexibility that is adequate to be utilized in cases that requires mobility. For example, it would cost more for having to use wire for connection or in area that is not appropriate for wire such as outdoor in which needs to avoid heat or possibility of explosion. This also eliminates the signal interference problem as well.  We are ready to develop and enhance Smart Factory in order to allow actual usage cases to happen for Smart City at EEC area as one of the driving forces in order to promote technology development of Thailand.

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