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GOT Wide workshop seminar

Date : 14 June 2018 | Categories : Seminar

        GOT Wide workshop seminars, which introduced the latest model of touch screens from Mitsubishi Electric are ended. GOT Wide model provides WXGA 1280x800 dots resolution, increasing the use of space, and 2 Ethernet ports for network security. Furthermore, it also supports voice functions that help alert or advise operators.

        The seminar introduced necessary equipment and taught how to connect the touch screen to a PLC via the CC-Link network IE Field Basic, including the use of functions such as GOT mobile, VNC Server, Remote PC and iQ Monozukuri Andon which allow participants to experiment with setting by Including the introduction of Mitsubishi Electric CNC.


        Stay tune with us for the next seminar content at the official website and Facebook Official Fanpage

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