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MELFA Smart Plus

Date : 16 December 2019 | Categories : robotics

Advanced intelligent functions are provided in the form of a function expansion option card.This provides leading-edge functions for all phases of customer’s operations, from design and startup through to operation and maintenance. The functions provided include integration functions for the various sensors and autonomous startup adjustment functions.

*Activated with the insertion of a Smart Plus card.

MELFA Smart Plus have contain two type of function expansion option card one is Intelligent Function and another one is AI Function with “Maisart”.

Maisart (Mitsubishi Electric’s AI Creates the State-of-the-ART in technology) A brand encompassing Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary AI technology, including “compact AI” and AI basic and applied technologies.

MELFA Smart Plus : AI Function

Predictive maintenance function

Failing drive parts are detected before abnormalities in robot behavior became apparent. Downtime of production equipment is reduced. The fault detection function detects failing or deteriorating robot parts at an early stage. Detecting failing parts before abnormalities in robot behavior become apparent reduces downtime. 

Enhancement function for force sense control

Parameters for the optimum operation pattern are found using repeat learning in a short amount of time. Set-up and tact times are reduced. AI adjusts parameters automatically for optimum force sense control. Parameters can be adjusted by anyone easily in a short amount of time as AI selects the most suitable parameter for you. Set-up and tact times are reduced by 60%

What is Force sensor ? 

A force sensor has the "force sense function" which provides a sense of force to a robot. The robot can sense force applied to its hand during the assembly or machining of workpieces just like a person, enabling work which requires fine force adjustment and force detection.

MELFA-3D Vision enhancement function

Reduced startup time thanks to automatic parameter adjustments which utilize our proprietary AI technology “Maisart”. Sensor parameter adjustment which requires a high level of specialist knowledge is automated with our proprietary AI technology. Anyone can adjust parameters quickly and easily just like a pro! Adjustment time will reduced from 8 hrs to 1 hr.

What is MELFA-3D Vision ?

MELFA-3D Vision is a compact 3D vision sensor for robots. It uses a camera head that can measure distances, which allows it to take the dimensions of randomly stacked parts and recognize them.

MELFA Smart Plus : Intelligent Function

Preventive maintenance function

Tracking the robot’s operating status helps manage the condition of the robot. Maintenance is now even more efficient.

Maintenance Function : The preventive maintenance function estimates the recommended maintenance period and when to replace consumable parts. This is done by observing repeat patterns in sample programs used by the robot or executed in the simulator in RT ToolBox3

Wear calculation function : A function that calculates the wear of components from the operational status (current, load, etc.) based on the robot's movements and posture. It also calculates the time left until inspection, maintenance and overhaul periods

Calibration assistance function

Automatic calibration : Robot/2D vision sensor integration. Input multiple values such as the robot and sensor coordinates, and the relative position between the robot and camera is automatically calculated.

Work coordinate calibration : Robots and peripheral devices/jigs. Calibration between the robot coordinates and optional coordinates such as peripheral  devices, jigs, and workpieces is performed using a vision sensor. 

Relative position calibration : Robots working with robots. Multiple robots recognize the same workpiece coordinates and use them to find the relative position between each other.

Coordinated control of additional axis

Coordinated operation between the robot and an additional axis makes it possible for the robot to work on workpieces that exceed its operating range. Constant speed control (spline interpolation) of the workpiece and continuous operation is now possible.

Robot mechanism thermal compensation function

The thermal compensation function compensates for thermal expansion of the robot arm to increase positioning accuracy. This improves system stability and the quality of products. The total cost of systems can also be reduced as no external sensor is required for temperature compensation.

MELFA Smart Plus is an option that brings next-generation intelligence to MELFA FR series robots.

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