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โซลูชันสำหรับลดระยะเวลาการหยุดเครื่องจักร (Downtime Reduction Solution)

Date : 14 July 2020 | Categories :

Solutions that help reduce downtime efficiently

- Remote real-time monitoring and maintenance via web browser
- Show the actual production status with the Andon screen
- Voice notification function when problems occur
- View sensor values ​​that can be detected in Real-time
- Detects short-circuits and equipment disconnects instantly

- Data collection and error checking functions
- View CCTV via HMI screen
- Quickly adjust parameters and programs
- Logging device information before and after the problem occurs
- Automatically generate and archive reports

- Prevent unauthorized access
- Check machine lifetime
- Check the operation and preventive maintenance of equipment
- Maintenance of equipment with vibration analysis function (FFT)
- preventive maintenance with temperature monitoring

FA products that reduce downtime

HMI: GOT 2000 series

- Customize PLC program via HMI screen with FA transparent function
- Quickly edit parameters and programs with the Back up/ restore function
- Do not be afraid to miss any notifications with the GOT Wide series voice alert function


- Check the status via web browser.
- Check for network faults with the Network diagnosis function
- Automatically store data in Database with MES Interface Module
- Automatically generate production reports with High-speed data logger module

Related programs

- SA1-III: energy/power-saving remote-control system
- GX Logviewer that can see the actual graph compared with PLC Ladder
- Remote monitoring with GOT Mobile and GOT Andon functions
- Tuning servo values ​​with the One touch tuning function in GOT Drive

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