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Engineering Software

Computerized Numerical Controllers(CNCs)


These are user support tools that enhance the operating environment.

The extensive range of development tools assist in CNC individualization.


Product Lineup

NC Servo Selection    Servo selection  


By selecting the machine configuration model and inputting the machine specifications, the optimal servo motor meeting specifications can be selected.


Screen Design: NC Designer2    Custom screen creation  


We provide a developmental environment where the MTB can customize screens easily.

Training Tool /Customization Support: NC Trainer2 / NC Trainer2 plus    Debug     Training  

NC Trainer2 plus supports customization development on all CNCs.
This is an application for learning how to operate the CNC screen and machining programs on a computer without the CNC control unit or a special display unit.

NC Parameter Setup: NC Configurator2    Parameter creation    


NC parameters required for NC control and machine operation can be edited on a computer.

Servo Adjustment: NC Analyzer2    Parameter creation    


Servo parameters can be adjusted automatically by measuring and analyzing the machine's characteristics.

Data Transfer: NC Explorer        Operation      Maintenance    


CNC machining data file can be executed using Windows Explorer on a computer when the computer is connected with multiple CNCs via Ethernet.

Remote Monitoring: NC Monitor2    Operation      Maintenance    


Taking advantage of the network in a plant, CNC operation status can be monitored from remote location.

Remote Monitoring: Remote Monitor Tool (C70)     Operation      Maintenance    

An identical NC display screen can be displayed on a personal computer. By connecting a personal computer to the NC unit when necessary, various data can be checked and set using the same HMI as the standard NC screen. Remote Monitor Tool (C70) is free of change.

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