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MELSERVO-J3 series

Accomplishment of higher performance, functionalities and user friendliness.

Rotary motor capacities are between 50W and 55kW. Linear servo motors and direct drive motors are available.


Machine performance can be substantially improved with MR-J3

System's fast response and reliability are realized with SSCNET III

Easy servo adjustment for machine's maximum performance with the high control function and ever-evolving tuning function

For satisfying machine needs, a wide variety of servo amplifiers are available in addition to MR-J3-A with pulse train interface and MR-J3-B with SSCNET III compatible

Conformity with global standards

Product Lineup

Servo Amplifier
Compatible with SSCNETIII, General-purpose (Pulse and Analog input) interface and CC-Link compatible (with built-in positioning function).

Rotary Servo Motor
262,144 pulse/rev encoder, 100/200/400VAC Class and range of products from 50W to 55kW.

Linear Servo Motor
4 motor series (LM-H2/LM-U2/LM-F/LM-K2) are available for a variety of applications.

Direct Drive Motor
Best matching for the application which is required low speed and high torque. 4 different frames and 12 motors are available.


Conformity with global standards

List of Compatible Servo Motors MR-J3W-B

List of Compatible Servo Motors MR-J3W-0303BN6

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