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Realizes real-time control and edge computing function

Highly accurate device control by CC-Link IE field network with edge computing function enabling data collection/analysis in the middle level between the IT system and shop floor.


Windows® and VxWorks® pre-installed

Two types of operating systems can be operated at the same time, device control and data collection can be performed on a real-time basis like VxWorks® , and analysis of collected data and display of analysis results can be carried out for each OS like Windows® . Therefore, device control and information processing functions, which have been supported by combining personal computers and dedicated devices, can be consolidated into one unit, contributing to reduction of system construction cost and space saving of devices.

Easy data transfer between OS
By passing through shared memory and shared folders, data can be easily exchanged between operating systems.

Individual restart of Windows®
Even if Windows® freezes, you can only restart Windows® with VxWorks® running .

High precision device control realized by CC-Link IE Field Network

Data communication of control information and production information of devices connected via CC-Link IE Field Network can be performed in 1 ms at maximum. Therefore, high-precision device control and high-speed collection of production information are realized. With ports for CC-Link IE Field Network and CC-Link IE Field Network Basic, you can easily connect to compatible devices simply by making settings.

Reduce program development effort

Since both Windows® and VxWorks® provide APIs, high-speed data communication between OSs and access to various connected devices can be easily realized, making it easy to create programs. In addition, because you can use functions shared with the C language controller unit, such as CCPU functions and MD functions, you can use the program assets of the C language controller unit.

Hardware features

The high level of environmental resistance and durability developed in the general-purpose sequencer MELSEC series enables long-term continuous operation in various environments used by customers. In addition, consumables can be easily removed and replaced, making maintenance easy.

Performance specification

Series name
Item name
Model name
Main memory
Internal storagecapacity
Additional storageinterface
Programming language
Dedicated API provision format
Display interfaceinterface
Expansion slotPCI Express ®
mini PCI Express ®
RS-232Number of channels
Transmission rate
RS-422Number of channels
Transmission rate
RS-485Number of channels
Transmission rate
USB 2.0
Input / output terminalShutdown request input
Shutdown completion notification output
Power supplyRated input voltage
Input voltage variable range
Input frequency
Input maximum apparent power
Dimensions (H) x (W) x (D)
MI 5000
MELIPC main unit
Intel ® CoreTM i7-5700 EQ 2.6 GHz (Quad Core)
Windows ® : 12GB 
VxWorks ® : 1GB * 1
Windows ® : 45GB 
VxWorks ® : 4GB
Windows ® : Cfast card × 1 * 2
VxWorks ® :-
Windows ® : Windows ® 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB (64 bit) 
VxWorks ® : VxWorks ® 7.0
Windows ® : The above operating system language 
VxWorks ® : C / C ++
Windows ® : Standard DLL 
VxWorks ® : C / C ++ format
Windows ® : DisplayPort x 1 
VxWorks ® :-
Windows ® : Up to 3840 × 2160 * 3
VxWorks ® :-
* 4
9600 to 115,200 bps
AC 100 to 240 V
AC 85 to 264 V
47 to 63 Hz
139VA or less (240V AC maximum load, at power on)
106 x 362 x 119 mm
2.7 kg

* 1 Shared memory is 0.25GB.

* 2 The maximum capacity of optional items is 64GB.

* 3 Maximum resolution at 60 Hz.

* 4 Assignable to Windows ® or VxWorks ® by parameter setting .

Network specification

Number of channels
CC-Link IE Field NetworkStation type
communication speed
Maximum number of connected stations
Number of ports
communication cable
Transmission line type
Total extension distance
Maximum station distance
CC-Link IE Field Network BasicStation type
Number of slave stations connected in 1 network
Number of ports
Transmission line type
10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T
Windows ® : 1 (CH2) 
VxWorks ® : 1 (CH1)
Master station and local station
120 units * 5
Ethernet cable (category 5e or more, with double shield, STP, straight cable)
Line type, star type * 6
Line type: 12,000 m, star type: Varies depending on system configuration.
100 m (according to ANSI / TIA / EIA-568-B (category 5e))
Master station
64 units (16 units × 4 groups) * 7
Star type

* 5 Up to 120 slave stations can be connected.

* 6 For star type, use a switching hub that supports CC-Link IE field network synchronous communication.

* 7 Maximum number of connected slave stations that can be managed by the master station. The maximum number of connected devices varies depending on the number of occupied stations of slave stations. However, make sure that the total number of occupied stations does not exceed the maximum number of connected stations.

General specification

Operating ambient temperature
Storage ambient temperature
Operating ambient humidity
Storage ambient humidity
Vibration resistanceConforms to JIS B 3502 and IEC 61131-2When there is intermittent vibration
When there is continuous vibration
Shock resistance
Use atmosphere
Use elevation
Installation place / use place
Overvoltage category
Pollution degree
Device class
0 to 55 ° C
-25 to 75 ° C * 8
5 to 95% RH, no condensation
5 to 95% RH, no condensation * 8
Frequency: 5 to 
8.4 Hz , Shoulder amplitude: 3.5 mm Frequency: 8.4 to 150 Hz, Low acceleration: 9.8 m / s 2
Sweep times: 10 times in each of X, Y, Z directions
Frequency: 5 to 
8.4 Hz, shoulder amplitude: 1.75 mm Frequency: 8.4 to 150 Hz, low acceleration: 4.9 m / s 2
It conforms to JIS B 3502 and IEC 61131-2 (147 m / s 2 , X, Y, Z bidirectional 3 times each)
There is no corrosive gas, flammable gas and no serious conductive dust
0 to 2000 m * 9 * 10
Control panel 11
II or less 12
2 or less * 13
Class I

* 8 fan unit storage ambient temperature is -25 to 70 ° C, storage ambient humidity is 20 to 85%.

* 9 Do not use or store in an environment pressurized above atmospheric pressure at an altitude of 0 m. If used, it may cause malfunction.

* 10 When used at high altitudes above 2000 m, the withstand voltage performance and the upper limit of the operating ambient temperature decrease.

* 11 When installing a ventilation fan on the control panel, consider the location of the ventilation fan so that it does not interfere with the exhaust flow from the fan unit of this product.

* 12 Indicates where the power distribution unit is assumed to be connected, from the public power distribution network to the on-premises mechanical equipment. Category II applies to devices that receive power from fixed equipment. The surge withstand voltage of the device up to the rated 300V is 2500V.

* 13 This indicator shows the degree of occurrence of conductive substances in the environment where the equipment is used. Pollution Degree 2 produces only non-conductive pollution. However, it is an environment where temporary condensation may occur due to accidental condensation.

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