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Vision sensor VS20

Realize analysis and analysis more smoothly

Vision sensors are key parts of production sites that sense the necessary data in real time in eF@ctory. Our vision sensor has high affinity with our FA products by CC-Link IE Field Network Basic and SLMP*1 correspondence, and seamlessly integrates measurement results with edge computing layer to reduce TCO*2.
*1. SLMP = Seamless Message Protocol
*2. TCO = Total Cost of Ownership

        In the production process needs to verify whether products are specialized for quality standard or not. To ensure that  products forwarded to consumers are of a quality that conforms to the specifications.In addition to checking the quality of products that the quality level of the product can be improved so that it can be used as data received from the quality monitoring procedures and as a preparation for  planning of production process step.

        The vision sensor is the key device in the shop floor that detects data necessary for e-F@ctory in real-time. Mitsubishi Electric vision sensor VS20 is SLMP-ready (Seamless Message Protocol)  and    highly compatible with Mitsubishi Electric factory automation products. Measuring results are seamlessly coordinated with the edge computing level, realizing smooth analysis for reducing TCO (Total cost of ownership).

Integrated lighting and compact size        

     High-intensity LED ring light can be fitted to the front of the product, eliminating the need for external lighting. Even novice users can install the sensor easily.

Integrated dedicated filter saves the trouble of fitting a filter to the lighting/lens

     Lighting can be changed according to measured object and color


     Integrated compact size ideal for installation in space-constrained production lines. The design can be changed according to the installation space

     Lens/lighting can be selected from options according to the system

Easy installation and intuitive setting

     Equipped with a high-intensity LED ring light, setup of an external light is not required.Even novice users can install the vision sensor easily

     Dedicated software enables intuitive engineering, allowing first-time users to configure highly reliable inspection system for different applications

Compatibility with Mitsubishi Electric factory automation products

The vision sensor is compatible with iQSS and SLMP, enabling easier connection to Mitsubishi Electric products such as programmable controllers, robots, and motion controllers

     Control/monitoring/parameter setting and result acquisition of the vision sensor can be done from the programmable controller

     Recognition images of the vision sensor are transferred to the GOT (HMI) or IT system via an FTP server, realizing traceability by comparing recognition result and recognition image

Easy installation and intuitive setting with In-Sight Explorer for MELSENSOR Vision 

Ease-of-use In-Sight Explorer enables configuration from image acquisition to result output in four steps. Both novice and experienced users can handle the tool easily.

     Can control and monitor the results of the vision sensor by connecting the device with  Ethernet cable .

The connection with  Ethernet besides making Wiring easier it can also command, set up and forward the  image from the vision sensor

Not necessary to use the program to set up vision sensor providing that connected with SLMP connection

What kind of work that MELSENSOR VS20  suitable for?

Vision sensor VS20 suitable to verify whether products are specialized for quality standard or not including the measurement of the workpieces .

For example, to bring a vision sensor applied to applications in the industrial sector


                    The vision sensor VS20 helps you to monitor product quality whether it is to check the stain on the workpieces, check blamed workpieces and parts shortage including  directions of the assembly. To ensure that your workpieces are all quality. With Vision sensor VS20 property, whether it is a compact design. easy installation, lenses and can be selected to suit the workpiece inspection and intuitive & quick setting. Making The vision sensor is the key device in the shop floor that detects data necessary for e-F@ctory.

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