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FR-D700 series
Inverter - FREQROL

New standard of inverter

Improved reliability and easy maintenance.
Spring clamp terminals provide high reliability and easy wiring.
The inverter with the safety stop function can comply with the safety standards without incurring too much expenses.


Safety stop function

The FR-D700 series is compliant to the EU Machinery Directive without the addition of previously required external devices.
Operation of an external Emergency Stop device results in a highly reliable immediate shutoff of the D700's output to the motor.
This safety stop function conforms to the following standards.

*1 : Approved safety relay unit

Spring clamp terminal (control circuit terminal)

With spring clamp terminals*2, the wiring became easier and more secure.

 ·   Easy wiring

     Wiring is completed only by inserting wires treated with blade terminal (max. diameter 1.5mm)

     Capable of wiring without a blade terminal.

 · Highly reliable

    Spring structure in terminal contact section inside prevents contact fault by vibration.

Maintenance is unnecessary

Screw retightening is unnecessary.

*2 : Main circuit terminal is screw terminal.

Long-life design


 · The design life of the cooling fan has been extended to 10 years*3. The life of the fan can be further extended utilizing the it’s ON/OFF control.

 · The design life of the capacitors has been extended to 10 years by the adoption of a capacitor endures 5000 hours at 105°C surrounding air temperature*3*4.

 · Life indication of critical components


Guideline of the FR-D700 Life

Guideline of JEMA*5

Cooling fan

10 years

2 to 3 years

Main circuit smoothing capacitor

10 years

5 years

Printed board smoothing capacitor

10 years

5 years


    *        3 : Surrounding air temperature : annual average 40°C (free from corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, dust and dirt) Since the design life is a calculated value, it is not a guaranteed value.

·            *4 : Output current : 80% of the inverter rated current

·            *5 : Excerpts from "Periodic check of the transistorized inverter" of JEMA (Japan Electrical Manufacture's Association)

Leading life check function

 · Degrees of deterioration of main circuit capacitor, control circuit capacitor, and inrush current limit circuit can be monitored.

 · Trouble can be avoided with the self-diagnostic alarm*6 that is output when the life span is near.

·            *6 : If any one of main circuit capacitor, control circuit capacitor, inrush current restriction circuit or cooling fan reaches the output level, an alarm is output. Capacity of the main circuit capacitor can be measured by setting parameter at a stop and turning the power from off to on. Measuring the capacity enables alarm to be output.
The cooling fan outputs alarm by using fan speed detection.

Password function

Quick setup with the setting dial

  • Setting dial is the feature of Mitsubishi inverters.

    Displayed numbers can be jumped by turning the setting dial quickly, and numbers can be changed one by one by turning it slowly, enabling speedy parameter setting.

    The nonslip setting dial is easier to turn.

    Easily replaceable compact body

    Installation size is the same as that of the FR-S500 series which is the smallest model of the Mitsubishi inverter.    

     Side by side installation saves space

    Space can be saved by side by side no clearance installation*1.

    *1 : Use the inverter at the surrounding air temperature of 40°C or less.

     150%/1Hz high starting torque by General-purpose magnetic flux vector control

    General-purpose magnetic flux vector control and auto tuning function are available.
    It ensures operation that requires high starting torque, such as transfer machine including conveyer, hoist, lift, etc., washing machine, and agitators.

    •  · High torque of 150%/1Hz and 200%/3Hz (3.7K or less) is realized (when the slip compensation function is valid).
    •  · Auto tuning

    Many kinds of motors can be optimally controlled with Mitsubishi original "non-rotation" auto tuning function. (R1 constants tuning)

Brake resistor can be connected

A brake transistor is built-in to the 0.4K or more.
Connecting an optional brake resistor increases regeneration capability.
It is useful for deceleration time reduction of a machine with a large inertia, such as fan, and operation of lift, etc.

Enhanced function

New functions and useful functions from superior models support all sorts of applications.

Regeneration avoidance function

For a pressing machine and fan rotated faster than the set speed due to the effect of another fan, a trip is less likely to occur by automatically increasing frequency at regeneration.

 · Optimum excitation control

This control enables the motor efficiency to its optimum. More energy saving is possible in applications with variable load torque characteristic such as fan and pump.

Power failure-time deceleration-to-stop function

The motor can be decelerated to a stop when a power failure or undervoltage occur to prevent the motor from coasting.
For fail-safe of machine tool, etc., it is effective to stop the motor when a power failure occurs.

Dancer control

Entering position detection signal of dancer roll to use PID control enables tension control by dancer roll.

Traverse function

Traverse function for wind-up drum of spinning machine and wiredrawing machine prevents unevenness and deformation at thread winding.

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