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Edge Computing

In order to create Smart Factories, real-time utilization of shop floor data and efficient connectivity with IT systems are required. This can be achieved with Edge Computing, a technological concept whereby information processing occurs between the shop floor and IT system.

Preventive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Optimization of production planning

Quality improvement

1. Primary processing of production site data
A massive amount of data is collected from the production site, making it necessary to filter the data to extract only the data necessary for analysis. Furthermore, our solution offers simplified analysis techniques that use primary processing, with no programming required, to draw correlations within complex data sets and to order control data chronologically.

2. Analysis and improvement of production site data
Analysis of the production site data requires know-how of various kinds. Our solution offers fast, on-site data analysis, the results of which can be used for improvements at the site.

3. Protection of expertise
When production site data is uploaded to the cloud, there are often worries about whether the knowledge stored therein will be leaked. With edge computing, by using primary data processing, the risk of this production site expertise leaking is reduced.

* If all data is processed through cloud services, the load on communications and the time required for responses becomes a problem. Edge computing is a method whereby the concentration of load on resources is improved by distributing some processing to be performed on-site. Because a massive amount of data is also generated from a large number of devices at the production site, processing this data on-site is effective. Mitsubishi Electric offers an edge computing solution that is appropriate for the conditions at production sites.
Through an analysis of the data collected on the status of various devices, our solution helps to visualize, in real time, very slight imperfections that even skilled technicians or other personnel would have a hard time identifying. This visualization alerts personnel to the problem, and they can then use the relevant data to implement quality and productivity improvements.

Configuration for edge computing solutions

FA-IT Information Interface Product

C Controller R12CCPU-V, Q24DHCCPU-V, Q12DCCPU-V
High Speed Data Logger RD81DL96, QD81DL96
BOX Data Logger NZ2DL

Data Analysis Software

TDX manifactured by Dura Systems Corporation 
Revolution R manifactured by Revolution Analytics 


Other Features
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