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FA Integrated Network

CC-Link Open Fieldbus
CC-Link - Open-technology fieldbus network with performance up to 10 Mbps providing absolute deterministic behavior and cost effectiveness, flexibility and ease of use

- CC-Link IE
CC-Link IE Field - Unique ultra-fast 1 Gigabit Industrial Ethernet network linking field level devices to controllers, as well as controllers to controllers and providing absolute deterministic communications all without the requirement of switches or detailed knowledge of Ethernet networking. CC-Link IE Field is IEC approved for safety communications and can provide integrated motion control and/or energy management functions all on a single Industrial Ethernet network
- SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol)
SLMP is a software protocol that allows any Ethernet enabled device to be used on a CC-Link IE network
- CSP+ (Control and Communication System Profile)
CSP+ files are device profiles that make network configuration and maintenance fast and simple.
- CC-Link
A high speed open-technology fieldbus network with performance up to 10 Mbps, 64 stations and a bus length up to 1,200 metres.
- CC-Link/LT
Reduced and simplified wiring
- CC-Link Safety
CC-Link Safety - Open-technology fieldbus safety network that is IEC / ISO SIL 3 approved and meets or exceeds industry safety network standards. It provides cost effectiveness, flexibility and ease of use to automation safety networks, all while delivering full compatibility with the CC-Link fieldbus network.
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