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Factory Automation
  • Solutions and program design services, Focus on development of industrial automation by improving the system in order to work with maximum efficiency according to the concept "Changes for the better" and can be displayed as information that is easy to understand for users with after-sales service. Assure customers that they will receive direct support from the brand owner. and meet all needs according to the plan., provided by a team of expert engineers from Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., covering all factory automation solutions such as traceability , sustainability, preventive maintenance, improving productivities and qualities, energy monitoring and logging, monitoring system and so on.

    Solutions and program design services

    Production efficiency

    After sale
    support and service

    Professional service
    from brand's owner and partners

    Service by
    Team of expert engineers

    Customize Project
    for all industries

    1 year for all projects