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Training Courses
Training Course Mitsubishi Electric
We provide both in-house and on-site training. Our classes provide an excellent operational capabilities to learners, including technical knowledge on state-of-the art technology to maximize the benefits of the products. This is delivered via 23 curricula in which you can design solutions, maintain equipment at peak operation levels, as well as troubleshoot and resolve problems independently. 
Training courses are ranged from beginning to advance. Each of classes can support up to 30  trainees. To make our training more effective, we provide a real training kit for our trainees to study in pair.
Our training engineers have the real experience on-site service as well as joining the training aboard which conducted by Mitsubishi Electric. Directly know-how transferring can ensure that our training engineer will deliver all up-to-date technique to our trainees.
Advanced GOT

This course has been set up for the HMI user who would to enhance their skill to advance level. In the meantime, many manufacturers has use HMI device to control the process that complicate and in sequence. Consequently, new model of HMI has been developed their function to meet user's requirement which those function will be outer from general functions.

In this course, you will gain knowledge of special function of HMI (GOT2000 Series) and able to select appropriate model for particular job. Furthermore, you will be able to connect PLC with GOT through network system as well as interface designer by GT Designer 3

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Basic GOT

This course suits for people who are interesting in GOT which is one of the most popular Human Machine Interface (HMI) that used as input/output to interact between machine and user. Nowadays, GOT is really famous in factories. This is because of the convenience of use and high efficiency.

In this course, the trainees will be able to use GOT and have a knowledge in model selection that will be the best for their applications, communication setting between GOT and PLC. Moreover, the trainees will be able to design and create status display by using GT Designer3.

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This course has been set up for people who are interested to learn fundamental structure of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) which is a famous system that use of cost management and improve production quality. SCADA also provides features of real-time database and able to analyze data to identify cause of error in producing process.

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