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Training Courses
Training Course Mitsubishi Electric
We provide both in-house and on-site training. Our classes provide an excellent operational capabilities to learners, including technical knowledge on state-of-the art technology to maximize the benefits of the products. This is delivered via 23 curricula in which you can design solutions, maintain equipment at peak operation levels, as well as troubleshoot and resolve problems independently. 
Training courses are ranged from beginning to advance. Each of classes can support up to 30  trainees. To make our training more effective, we provide a real training kit for our trainees to study in pair.
Our training engineers have the real experience on-site service as well as joining the training aboard which conducted by Mitsubishi Electric. Directly know-how transferring can ensure that our training engineer will deliver all up-to-date technique to our trainees.
Drive System
Advanced Inverter

The purpose of this course is to increase knowledge of inverter users to advance level. Nowadays, inverter has play a big role in manufacturing production which help the manufacturer to reduce cost by saving energy.

In this course, you will learn mainly about PLC function in Inverter A800 Series, parameter setting to be appropriate with particular job. More than that, you will learn ladder programming in inverter in order to control speed of the motor through FR-Configurator 2

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Basic Inverter

This course is suite for people who are interesting in controlling motor speed or currently using inverter. In this course, trainees will understand the principle of speed controlling and how to apply it into practice by using inverter which has been used in various industries. There are several reasons that make inverter famous, ease of use, simple, variety of choices, high quality and energy saving.

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P.M Inverter

The purpose of this course is to encourage user to do the maintenance of inverter by themselves. Nowadays, inverter has play a big role in manufacturing production which help the manufacturer to reduce cost by saving energy. Therefore it cannot be denied that to know how to maintain and repair inverter is really important.

In this course, you will learn how to check and maintain inverter including safety pre-caution, parameter setting and troubleshooting of inverter.

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P.M Servo

This course has been set up for people who aim to learn how to maintenance and repair servo motor. Nowadays, most of production system use servo motor as a part of producing process since it has a high accuracy and efficient. Therefore, it is really importance for the user to know how to fix and maintenance in the right way.

In this course, you will learn how to install servo motor, safety pre-caution, including parameter setting that appropriate for each kind of job particularly including how to troubleshoot the problem that occurs with servo motor.

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Motion Controller

This course suites for users who are interesting in how to use Servomotor in basic level? , and component of Q-series motion controller. Furthermore, the trainees will be able to design and implement program to control the motion controller as well as investigate and fix the basic problem.

In this course, the trainees will be able to use MT Developer to implement program for motion controller as well.

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Basic Servo

This course suits for people who are interesting in servo system or currently use servo system which will start from the basic knowledge of servo system? A Closed-Loop Control system for controlling speed and position. Moreover, trainees will be able to apply this knowledge into manufacturing functions that require dynamic of speed, acceleration, torque and position to be more accurately in shorter time.

In this course, the trainees will be educated the fundamental theory of servo motor, servo amplifier selection technique, network connecting and status display system. Furthermore, the trainees will have experiences of real practice in the class.

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Positioning QD75

This course is designed for those who are interested in studying or general users who want to learn how to use and design programs to control the servo motor through the Mitsubishi Electric QD75 (Positioning module) module. The participants will be informed of the function, Servo motor connection method and parameter settings, Including program design and use the real equipment for the most benefit in practical use.

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