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Data Logger

This course suites for users who are interesting in using High speed data logger for logging FX-Series or Q-Series PLC data by using logging Function, GX Logviewer and High Speed Data Logger Module Configuration Tool as a medium.

This course, the trainees will able to receive data through the Ethernet communication. This course will introduce the PLC data collection then displaying in graph format, concentrate on the systems those have Mitsubishi-International-Standard PLC network. Those data in the software will help to analysis the operation for the maintenances.

Course Syllabus

1. Data Logger Module in PLC Q Series

2. How to use Logging Function program?


1. Complete PLC201 course (Advance PLC) or have advanced PLC's knowledge and have experiences in GX Works2 software.

2. Basic skills in computer and English.

3. Basic knowledge in Microsoft Excel software.

Provided Equipment : PLC simulation kit (Q-Series) and QD81DL96 6 sets
Training Session Info : 09:00-16:30 (Registration 08:30)
Days : 1
Trainee/class : 12 Trainees (2 Trainees/kit set)

Date and location
Remark : Course detail may be changed without prior notice
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