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Simple settings

·         Simplified settings using Easy Builder

·         Easy Builder allows connection to vision systems, setting of job (vision programs) settings.

·         Calibration between the robot and vision system to be completed easily and quickly.


Simple connection

·         Simplified connection using Ethernet

·         Up to three robots and seven vision systems can be connected together to the same system by Ethernet connection.

·         Vision system information can be shared between multiple robots.

Simple control

·        Simplified control using robot language

·         The included dedicated vision system commands enable vision system startup, job selection, and control of data receiving and other operations to be completed quickly and easily using a single command without any need for protocols.

·         MELFA BASIC V comes with dedicated vision system control commands and status variables.
These control commands and status variables enable the vision system to be controlled using simple programs.


Simple job editing

·         Jobs (Vision recognition programs) are created from the job editing screen.

·         Jobs can be edited using condition settings and other data, eliminating the need for specialized knowledge of vision control commands and other programming instructions.


Simple calibration

·         The calibration wizard allows settings used in converting workpiece positions recognized by the vision system into robot coordinate system coordinates easily and quickly.

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