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Deburring/Polishing Application

Easily creates a machining path of deburring/polishing and performs machining!
On-site operators can automate their teaching process with rough teaching using a master workpiece and tools.

Introduction advantages

Mitsubishi provides hardware, software, and supporting tools as a package to make designing, programming, startup, and adjustment required for the deburring/polishing operation with a robot easy for users.

New functions and know-how

New functions including know-how required for deburring/polishing operations have been implemented!

·         Rough teaching using a master workpiece and a force sensor hand automatically creates a machining path.

·         Prevents a short-period stop caused by deceleration when the maximum load is detected at machining.

·         The wear amount of a tip tool is detected for the machining path correction function.

Both [workpiece gripping] and [tool gripping] can be performed

·         Both [workpiece gripping] and [tool gripping] with a robot can be performed!

No more complex wiring

·         Devices and cables required for deburring/polishing are packaged.

·         Wiring is completed only by connecting connectors.

·         Option cables have already been connected to the main unit!

Easy setting and startup

·         Easy startup with wizard format (interactive format) of dedicated tools.
(No manuals are required. Just touch buttons following messages shown in the screen.)

·         Operation commands (Deburring/polishing)

·         Pushing methods (tool coordinate system/orthogonal coordinate system/stiffness)

·         Easy setting of force sensor parameters.

·         Detailed machining commands such as push amount, the number of machining times, approach run/overrun, etc.

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