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GX Developer

This sequence programming software takes advantage of the user friendly aspects of Windows.

GX Configurator

This software enables simple setup of the Q series intelligent function module, without the need for a program.

GX Simulator

Software which operates a virtual PLC to debug a computer's sequence program.

GX Converter

Software which converts GX Developer data into Word or Excel data.

GX Explorer

This user-friendly software allows easy reading/writing of PLC project data visa intuitive operations.

GX RemoteService-I

With this software, remote access of PLC systems is easily achievable from a MELSOFT group via the internet or intranet.

Setting/monitoring tools for C Controller module

Tool for easy, program less setup, diagnosis and monitoring.

Programming Tools for MELSEC-F Series

Lineup of MELSOFT GX series for MELSEC PLC series programming software and dedicated programming panels for the FX PLC.

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