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FR Configurator2

From inverter startup to maintenance, this versatile software allows the user to specify settings easily at the computer.


Easy connection with a USB cable

A USB connector (Mini-B connector) is provided as standard. Easy connection to the computer without the need for a converter.

Intuitive user interface

Connected inverters are displayed in tree view format. Windows for each function can be accessed by changing the tab for maximum efficiency.

Work can be carried out away from the equipment using a USB memory device

By loading trace data and parameter settings copied to a USB memory device into FR Configurator2, analysis and adjustments can be carried out with ease away from the equipment.

Sequence control (Developer function)

The Developer function is used for creating sequence programs and writing them to the inverter to enable the use of the PLC function of the inverter.

Efficient startup settings

System settings 

This sets the method used to connect the inverters and the computer. Automatic recognition of connected inverters can also be set. The station number, model, capacity, and plug-in options of the connected inverters can also be set manually.

Test operation 

Operating commands, frequency settings, and the operating mode can be set for the selected inverter.

Conversion function 

Parameters can be set with the parameter auto conversion function when renewing from the FR-A700 series or FR-A500 series (to be supported soon).

Perform pre-operation adjustments and checks during operation with ease

Parameter list 

Parameters for selected station numbers can be displayed and changed.

I/O signals can be assigned using settings by function.

USB memory parameter copy file edit

Parameter settings (USB memory device parameter copy file) read from the inverter to a USB memory device can be edited.

Batch monitor function


Multiple inverter monitor items can be monitored simultaneously.
With a terminal monitor, the ON/OFF status can be monitored.

Offline auto tuning

Tuning is performed in wizard format after specifying necessary parameter settings.


Easy-to-follow platform facilitates easy maintenance

Diagnosis (faults history) 

Inverter faults history can be read and displayed together with the alarm occurrence time. Activating faults can be displayed, and inverters can also be reset.


Displays the content of inverter and software instruction manuals.

Graph function

Inverter data can be sampled and displayed in a graphical format. Trace data can also be read and displayed in a graph.

Life diagnosis [to be available soon] 

Life information read from the inverter is displayed. Check marks appear in the life alarm fields of inverter parts that have exceeded their replacement schedule. Diagnosis results can also be output to a file.

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