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MELSERVO-J5 Series Servo Amplifier


Tuning Functions

Use the tuning methods that are optimal for your machines.

Quick Tuning

This function automatically performs easy-to-use auto tuning that controls vibration and overshoot just by turning on the servo-on command. Before normal operation, the servo amplifier sets speed loop gain and machine resonance suppression filters in 0.3 seconds by inputting torque to the servo motor automatically. After completing the setting, the servo amplifier starts operation normally.

One Touch Tuning

This function automatically completes servo gain adjustment according to the mechanical characteristics and reduces the settling time just by turning on the one-touch tuning. The servo gain adjustment includes the machine resonance suppression filter, advanced vibration suppression control II, and the robust filter. Controlling overshoot and vibration is improved, maximizing your machine performance.

Advanced Vibration Suppression Control Ⅱ

This function suppresses two types of low frequency vibrations, owing to vibration suppression algorithm which supports three-inertia system. This function is effective in suppressing residual vibration with relatively low frequency of approximately 100 Hz or less generated at the end of an arm and in a machine, enabling a shorter settling time. Adjustment is easily performed on MR Configurator2.

Command Notch Filter 

The frequency can be set close to the machine vibration frequency because the command notch filter has an applicable frequency range between approximately 1 Hz and 2000 Hz.

Machine Resonance Suppression Filter 

The expanded applicable frequency range is between 10 Hz and 8000 Hz. Five filters are simultaneously applicable, improving vibration suppression performance of a machine. The machine resonance frequency is detected by the machine analyzer function in MR Configurator2.

Reduced Energy and Maximized Space with Simplified Wiring

Simple Converter MR-CM 

Utilizing a common bus connection conserves energy through the efficient use of regenerative power. Wiring can be simplified and installation space can be saved by reducing the number of molded-case circuit breakers and magnetic contactors. The MR-CM simple converter can connect to up to six compatible servo amplifiers having a total capacity of 3 kW or lower.

* Simple converter is also available with MR-J5-A.

Multi-Axis Servo Amplifiers 

The 2-axis and 3-axis servo amplifiers are available for operating two and three servo motors, respectively. These servo amplifiers enable an energy-saving and compact machine at lower cost. Different types of servo motors including rotary servo motors, linear servo motors, and direct drive motors are freely combined as long as the servo motors are compatible with the servo amplifier.

Predictive Maintenance

Maisart is an abbreviation for “Mitsubishi Electric's AI creates the State-of-the-ART in technology.” Mitsubishi Electric is leveraging original AI technology to make devices smarter.

Machine Diagnosis (Ball Screws/Linear Guides)

This function supports predictive maintenance by estimating frictions and vibrations of mechanical drive components such as ball screws and linear guides.

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