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Next Day Shipping

To maximize productivity, Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides a fast delivery system to deliver required products to our customers. Most of our orders will be shipped on the next working day of receipt of a purchase order*1.

Product Types*2:
1. Programmable Logic Controller (PLCs)

2. Inverters

3. Servo Motors and Amplifiers

        - MELSEC Q series
        - MELSEC iQ-R series
        - MELSEC F series
        - MELSEC iQ-F series
        - MR-J4 Series*3

4. HMI

5. Network related products (CC-Link)

        - GOT1000 series
        - GOT2000 series


*1. Next day shipping only available for orders that have PO before 4:00 pm
*2. Some models are not included
*3. Geared motors are not included

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