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Factory Automation

MELFA Robot Care Program minimizes the risk of production impacts caused by idiopathic shutdowns of the robot. As industrial robots are machines with multiple moving point components and battery backup, the average lifespan is 6-12 months making it necessary to maintain those devices regularly such as tightness of the nut/ power cable/ ground wire, grease leaks, cables/ connectors leak, and timing belt.

In addition, if the scheduled preventative maintenance is not performed. It can cause parts and components to break down or malfunction and the loss of interrupted production line.

Benefits of Robot Maintenance

Increase overall

Robots are able to operate with high speed and high precision performance because all moving point components are checked and maintenanced regularly.

Improve production quality
and effectiveness

Preventive maintenance helps ensure high performance, reduce repair costs and makes it possible to make the best use of production resources while improving the production process and reducing waste.

Increase the life span of robots

This can extend the life of your equipment exponentially, helping you see a strong return on your investment, both in equipment and maintenance.

Perfect plan for your robots

Package 1

For used robots and have regular preventative
maintenance checks performed from the company (> 1 year)

Starting from
17,000 THB/ year
(Avg. 47 THB/day)

What's included:
Advanced robot inspection service 1 time

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Package 2

For new robots (used for 3-6 months)
to collect prototypes and inspect operations

Starting from
25,000 THB/ year
(Avg. 69 THB/day)

What's included:
Advanced robot inspection service 1 time
Basic robot inspection service 1 time

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  • Free! on-site survey before the contract.
  • Free! Repair service fee (In the case of any damage within the period of the package).
  • Free! Battery replacement in the package.
  • Receive 20% discount for on-site service fee.
  • Receive 10% discount on robot spare parts.
*Only the robots that are in the period of MELFA Robot Care Program contract.

Terms and condition

  • This package is only for standard robots with a payload less than 10kg (For other models, please contact sales representative).
  • Prices are subject to change depending on the distance of the customer's company and the payload of the robots.
  • The company reserves the right to change information or others without prior notice.

Available Models

Horizontal Type RH-3F, RH-6F
Vertical Type RV-2F, RV-4F, RV-7F

Horizontal Type RH-3FR, RH-6FR
Vertical Type RV-2FR, RV-4F, RV-7FR

Horizontal Type -
Vertical Type RV-8CRL-D