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Promotional Campaign

Special Promotion!!

Campaign period:

Today - 28th February 2021


Buy Code reader (CF 26 series) in a special price


- Only one unit is available per customer company.
- Terms and conditions as designated by the company.
- The campaign is applicable only to customers in Thailand.

Model Description Special Price
CF26-SR Short distance (40...200 mm), 6.2 mm liquid lens, clear lens cover 29,900 THB
CF26-LR Long distance (80...1000 mm), 16 mm liquid lens, half-polarized extended lens cover 32,000 THB

New!! CF26 Webinar

Features of CF26

1. Able to scan even damaged codes or codes with reflection!

The code reader CF26 is equipped with 2-D code reading algorithm PowerGridTM and 1-D code image processing algorithm HotBars@TM. PowerGridTM technology provides reliable reading of challenging 2-D codes which exhibit damage to or complete elimination of the finder pattern, clocking pattern, and quiet zone. In addition, HotBars@TM delivers reading of reflected, damaged or poorly printed 1-D codes as small as 0.8 pixels per module.

2. Auto-tuning allows easy setup!

Just press the button, automatic focusing and lighting adjustment will be enabled!

3. Enhanced compatibility with Mitsubishi Electric programmable controllers

Supports CC-Link IE Field Network Basic and SLMP communication are highly compatible with Mitsubishi Electric programmable controllers!

4. Compact palm size. Configuration can be changed according to the available space

As the configuration can be changed according to the installation space, code readers can be used even in a tight installation space!

Various applications

Barcode inventory management
Easily manage inventory by reading codes on goods.

Codes in different orientations and locations
Reads codes with variations in orientation and location.

Automated sorting
Automatically sort cartons according to products by reading codes on cartons.