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MES Interface

This course is designed for those who are interested in studying or general users to learn about the principles of using the MES Interface module as an intermediary to connect data from the shop floor in the production line via PLC devices to the system. Database for storing the required information Which can be stored in various databases, such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Oracle.

This is to bring the data stored in the database for analysis in order to plan production decisions with the goal of increasing efficiency in improving production capacity. It can also be used to plan the product life cycle, time, resources, order processing and delivery, Overall production analysis OEE effectiveness, which the system will be more effective when working with ERP management software.

Course Syllabus

1. Principles of linking PLC devices and MES interface modules
2. Principles of using Microsoft Access for creating tables on databases.
3. Using the MX MES Interface Configuration Tool for data communication settings
4. Data communication standard through ODBC connection
5. Using the function of reading / writing data between PLC devices and tables created on a database.
6. Principle of investigation for abnormal conditions in the MES Interface Module


1. Complete MX Sheet or Data Logger course 
2. Basic skills in computer(IT) and English.

Provided Equipment : PLC simulation kit (QnUDV-Series PLC, QJ71MES96N) 6 sets
Training Session Info : 09:00-16:30 (Registration 08:30)
Days : 1
Trainee/class : 12

Date and location
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