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MELFA-3D Vision


Small and light

·         Small and light (Camera head part: 146 x 87 x 137mm, approx. 0.9 kg)

·         It can be used for eye-in-hand and can be fixed.


High-speed and high-accuracy measurement

·         This sensor enables high-speed recognition of 1.2 seconds at the earliest (model-less recognition) and high-accuracy measurements.

·         The minimum measuring error of approximately 0.3 mm.


As a replacement for part feeders

One of the following two recognition methods can be selected.

·         Model-less recognition: The position of a workpiece is recognized without registering its model.

·         Model matching recognition: The pose of a workpiece is recognized using a 3D-CAD model.

·         This sensor is more inexpensive and conserves a smaller footprint than a part feeder (when multiple parts are used). Retry operation can reduce stoppage.


Good connection compatibility

Good connection compatibility supplied as a robot manufacturer

·         This sensor can be connected directly via LAN equipped with a controller as standard.

·         The sensor can be set and its operation can be checked easily using a personal computer for setting.

·         When the sensor is running, the personal computer is not required.

·         The sensor has the coordinate calibration function of robots and vision sensors as standard installation.

·         The dedicated commands added to MELFA-BASIC V can be used to control the sensor.


Product configuration

Products prepared by customers




Personal computer for setting

RT ToolBox2
(Ver. 3.00A or later) has already been installed.


LAN cable

Category 5e or later
(Refer to the product configuration diagrams.)



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