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RT ToolBox2


·         Easy operation on Windows®.

·         Compatible with Windows®R10, Windows®R8.1, Windows®R8, Windows®7(32bit1.8 or later, 64bit2.0 or later), Windows®Vista, Windows®XP

*Windows is registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.


Support for all processes

Support for all processes, from programming and startup to maintenance

·         Programming can be completed using the MELFA-BASIC IV/V and Movemaster languages (vary depending on the model).

·         Robot movement and operating status, input signals, and servo status can be monitored.



Enhanced simulation functions

·         This function is compatible with all models that connect to CRn-500 series and CRn-700 controllers.

·         Robots can be operated and tact time calculated using a personal computer. (Not available for the mini version.)

·         Robot movements, operating status, input signals, and servo status can be monitored.



Advanced maintenance functions

·         The software has a maintenance function that notifies the operaters greasing periods, battery life cycles as well as position recovery support function when trouble occurs, etc.

·         It is effective for preventative maintenance, shortening of recovery time.


Program editing and debugging functions

·         Creation of programs in MELFA-BASIC IV/V and the Movemaster languages.

·         Improvement of work operations by a multi-window format and the various editing functions.

·         This is helpful for use in checking operations such as the execution of program steps, setting of breakpoint settings, and other tasks.


·         MELFA-BASIC is a programming language that further expands upon and develops the commands needed for robot control.

·         In MELFA-BASIC IV/V, the expansion of the command as well as parallel processing or structuring that were difficult to realize in BASIC language can make it possible to operate MELFA easily.

3D Viewer

·         Graphical representation of a work along with the dimensions, color and other specified details of the work area to be gripped.

·         Hands can be created as combinations of basic diagrams on the Hand Editing screen and then attached to the robot.

·         Standard 3D polygonal models (applicable 3D data file formats: STL,OBJ) can be imported into the program, allowing operators to confirm the relationshipamong the hands, workpieces, and peripheral devices during simulation.

(*It can not be used with the mini edition.)

Enhanced visual functions

·         Enhanced RT ToolBox2 (PC software) graphic display function allowing setting parameters to be displayed visually.
Visual confirmation using this function helps to proactively prevent setting errors.

·         Display of teaching positions and trajectories of end points helps to facilitate confirmation tasks during programming or simulations.

·         (*It can not be used with the mini edition.)

Simulation function

·         Offline robot motion and tact time check for designated parts of a program.

(*The simulation function only supports the "RT ToolBox2" standard edition. It can not be used with the mini edition.)

Spline curve

·         It is possible to create and edit a spline file for using the spline interpolation function.

·         The spline curves and selected position data are displayed in the 3D monitor.

·         It is possible to create a robot program using a path point data registered in the spline file or capture the position data of the robot program as a route point data of spline file.

·         If opened a spline file corresponding to the Ex-T spline, spline curve will be displayed in the start position was along the Ex-T coordinate position.

(*The spline function can be used with Version S5/R5 or later of the robot controller software.)

Save AVI

It is possible to record contents in the 3D monitor and save the AVI file.(version 3.20W or later)

(*It can not be used with the mini edition.)

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