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Safety option


·         Robot's automatic operation continues even with a safety fence opened.

The newly installed safety input function enables safety doors to open without causing an emergency stop of the robot.

·         Operators and robots share an operation area. = They can cooperate.

While an operator is in a cooperative operation area, a robot does not approach the area. (Operation range limit function)

·         Robots in cooperative operation keeps the safety speed.
A robot in cooperative operation continues its operation at the safety speed to secure operator's safety.

·         Robots can automatically shift to single operation from cooperative operation.
Closing the safety door switches cooperative operation to single operation, and enables the robot to approach to the shared area.
*Risk assessment and safety level proof need to be performed for the system.

·         High safety compliant with international standards


Examples of safety options

Separation of the operator operation area and robot operation.

The operator operation area and robot operation area are separated each other with a monitoring plane for safety.

·         The robot operates at high speed while the safety fence is close.

·         While the safety fence is open, the robot continues its operation at low speed inside the monitoring plane.

·         The operator can perform inspection inside the safety fence and outside the monitoring plane.


Cooperative operation with a robot and an operator.

An operator and a robot access the shared operation area alternately, allowing for cooperative operation with a robot and an operator.

·         While the operator is on the mat, the robot cannot enter the shared operation area.

·         While the operator is not on the mat, the robot operates inside the shared operation area.

Area sensors secure the safety without safety fence.

Area sensors secure the safety without safety fence.

·         When the operator enters the limit area, the robot operation speed is limited.

·         Further, the operator approaches to the stop area, the robot stops its operation.

Easy setting

Parameter setting example of the safety function with the personal computer support software MELSOFT RT ToolBox2

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