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 Highly advanced control

·            Operation stroke setting according to the shape of the target workpiece

Grip force/speed setting according to the target workpiece
Grip patterns can be set according to the grip target, such as soft workpieces and heavy workpieces, with the torque specification and grip
 speed setting.

Operation stroke setting according to the shape of the target workpiece
Even when target workpieces are different in size, the optimal stroke can be specified with the operation position specification.

Easily applied to inspection, in addition to workpiece handling
Applications to inspection are possible with feedbacks of the torque or position of the hand, including whether a workpiece is gripped or not or whether a workpiece is acceptable or not with workpiece dimension measurement.


·         Easy control/Easy operation

With a robot program, users can easily set the operation stroke and grip force according to the dimensions of workpieces.

Users can flexibly operate electric hands on the hand-dedicated screen of the teaching box.



The highly-functional operation control that cannot be performed with air cylinders

Product configuration

Electric hand






Electric hand


Select the model by the grip force and stroke.


Electric hand control unit


Connected to the electric hand.

Hand cable


Connects the electric hand and control unit.

Robot cable


The cable type differs depending on the robot model.

(Note 1) To install the electric hand to a mechanical interface, fabricate an attachment separately.
(Note 2) The cable of the electric hand is not designed to be resistant to bending. Take cautions to prevent any stress from applying to the cable while the robot is operating.


Electric hand control unit




External dimensions

60(W) x 60(D) x 40(H)


Approx. 200 g

Input power source 24VDC(-10% to +10%),

Powered by the robot controller 
(Customers need to prepare no power supplies.)

No. of teaching points

32 points

Position data for multiple-point position control

*Only one model of the electric hand control unit is available for the electric hands.

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