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Processing Machine Loading Application

This application facilitates the configuration of a loading/unloading system for processing machines in which a Mitsubishi CNC numerical control devices has been installed.

Introduction advantages

Mitsubishi provides hardware, software, and supporting tools as a package to make designing, programming, and startup on the configuration of a loading/unloading system easy for customers.

Simple wiring design! Easy wiring work!

·         CNC numerical control devices and a robot can be connected via CC-Link, and an operation box and the robot can be connected with a connector.

·         A parallel I/O interface for connecting signals of peripheral devices has been installed to a robot controller.

Easy setting and startup

·         Processing machine loading-dedicated programs and interface functions facilitate easy setting and startup!

·         As soon as an operation box is connected, the system can be started!
(The system can be started by using the dedicated startup software, MELFA-Machine Loading!)

·         There is no need to configure communication settings, I/O assignment, and parameter settings of CNC devices and robots! (automatic setting)

·         A necessary program is automatically selected by the selection type menu!
(Robot programs have already been installed.)

·         Teaching operations can be performed by following the wizard.

improved the compatibility of robots and CNC devices

·         System central control display of maintenance information
(including coordinates and tool lives) of a processing machine (CNC) in a system.

·         The robot status can be displayed and the robot can be operated on the same system screen.

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