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RT ToolBox3 operation screen

Its features include a ribbon bar, output window and docking pane, making information easier to see and the software easier to use.
Operations in the 3D monitorscreen have also been updated to make using the screen more intuitive.


Three types are available depending on the installed functions.

Program editing
Parameter setting


simulation functions, 3D viewer
(Tact times, Layout examinations)

CAD links
(Path generation, Creation of robot programs (templates))

RT ToolBox3


RT ToolBox3


RT ToolBox3



SolidWorks® is a registered trademark of SolidWorks Corp, (USA).
*1) An add-in tool is a software program that adds certain functions to application software packages.
*2) Formats that can be loaded into SolidWorks®.

The applicable model

This software can connect to the robot controllers shown below.
Compatible with all robots that connect these controllers.

·         CR800-R/D series

·         CR750-Q/D series

·         CRnQ/D-700 series

·         CRn-500 series


·         Easy operation on Windows®.

·         Windows®7,8,8.1,10(32bit1.8 or later, 64bit2.0 or later), Windows®Vista,Windows®XP

*Windows is registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Program editing and debugging functions

·         Programs can be edited using MELFA-BASIC IV, V, and VI.(varies depending on the model).

·         Improvement of work operations by a multi-window format and the various editing functions.

·         This is helpful for use in checking operations such as the execution of program steps, setting of breakpoint settings, and other tasks.


·         As well as providing a more complete set of commands, this uses structured programming to give high levels of reusability and readability

·         Allows structured programs, enabling programming with high levels of reusability and readability. (Also supports existing programming methods.)

·         Keeping a library of program processing allows knowledge to be accumulated and provides improved reusability.
The libraries can also be hidden to prevent knowledge from being disclosed.

Monitoring functions

·         As well as monitoring program run states, variables, input/output signals and other events, these functions can show graphs of robot operation waveforms (speeds and current values) and I/O states in real time.

·         This makes it easy to see the correlation between program execution steps and waveform data, making debugging markedly more efficient.

Simulation function

Simulation that includes features such as robot dynamics and servo responses as well as robot controller emulation allows realistic simulations that include motor loading, tracking and positioning times.

·         Programs that have been created can be executed in the PC, movements can be verified, and the tact times of specified parts of a program can be measured.
Such simulation functions are also effective for preliminary system examinations.

·         Servo simulations can also be performed, for preliminary examination of loads.

·         Signals can be coordinated with GX works2 and GX works3 for easy creation of line simulators. A maximum of 8 robots can be operated, and coordinated movements among robots can be verified.

3D viewer

The 3D viewer can be used to check the robot attitude and operation and to visually check information such as limit values for user-defined areas, etc.

·         The 3D viewer allows easy verification of robot poses and movements, verification of the limit values of user-defined parameters, and virtual placements of peripheral devices by basic objects.

·         It can also be used to check for interferences between the robot and peripheral devices.

·         Distance measuring functions are also available on the screen.

RT ToolBox3 Pro

A 3D robot simulator that provides powerful support for system designs and preliminary layout examinations.

·         RT ToolBox3 Pro allows robot simulations to be run on SolidWorks® 3D CAD software.

·         Programs can be created to match today's era of high-mix, low-volume production, such as for layout considerations prior to introducing robots, desktop program debugging, and generation of complex motion paths.

·         By linking an add-in tool to SolidWorks® 3D CAD software, robot simulation functions can be added on to SolidWorks® platform.

*1)SolidWorks® is a registered trademark of SolidWorks Corp, (USA).

*2) An add-in tool is a software program that adds certain functions to application software packages.

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