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Product Features

Network Features

Seamless communication between upper-level information systems and lower-level field systems!
Choose the optimal network to meet your needs



CC-Link IE TSN supports TCP/IP communications and applies it to industrial architectures through its support of TSN enabling real-time communications. With its flexible system architecture and extensive setup and troubleshooting features make CC-Link IE TSN ideal for building an IIoT infrastructure across the manufacturing enterprise.

*TSN: Time Sensitive Networking
*IIoT: Industrial Internet of Things

CC-Link IE

CC-Link IE

CC-Link IE Control Network

CC-Link IE Control is a distributed network that supports control of large-scale systems connecting different networks together within the factory.

CC-Link IE Field Network

CC-Link IE Field is an Ethernet-based open field-level network that controls general high-speed I/O and distributed controllers, ensuring scalable system layouts with flexible wiring.

CC-Link IE Field Network Basic

CC-Link IE Field Network Basic realizes cyclic communication implemented via a software communications stack. The network supports connection of devices and equipment for small-scale systems.



Global standard open field network which provides high-performance for connecting field devices for I/O control.

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