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Product Features

MELFA-3D Vision

MELFA-3D Vision
This 3D vision sensor for small robots is small and performs high-speed and high-accuracy measurements.
This sensor is optimal as a replacement for a parts feeder.Its unique model-less recognition processing enables high-speed picking.

Lightweight and Compact

Smaller and more lightweight, equipped with ENSENSO camera head. Both hand-eye and fixed installation are available.
Additionally, the camera itself supports oil mist environments (IP65/IP67), and increased workpiece distance and visual field allow for broader application.
It flexibly supports everything from precision assembly of small parts to bulk picking from large pallets.

Lightweight and Compact

High-speed Picking

High-speed recognition technology reduces the time required for image recognition.
Choose between modelless recognition for high-speed picking and model matching recognition for accurate recognition of workpiece position and orientation according to application.

Model matching recognition

A method of recognizing workpiece grip by registering the shape of the hand tip and suction pad and looking for a space to insert the tip or where the pad can stick.
The shape of the workpiece does not need to be registered.

Modelless recognition

A method of recognizing workpiece grip by registering the shape of the workpiece using a 3D CAD model and looking for workpieces matching that model.
This allows the grip location and orientation of the workpiece to be specified.

Product Components

Product Components


Please refer to the catalogs for details

Manufacturer website

You can select the optimal camera for the workpiece distance and measuring range of IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH website. (Camera selection tool)
Check with IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH for details.

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH website

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