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Reliable support for verification using MELSOFT Gemini

This is a paid maintenance service to ensure that customers can use MELSOFT Gemini continuously with high reliability.

We offer a variety of services to accelerate the smooth and effective progress of MELSOFT Gemini.

Provision of the Latest Version of Software

You can use the latest version of our software, which is more convenient and easier to use.
The latest version of the software is continually being enhanced with functions that allow customers to work more efficiently.
Whenever there is a software version update that requires a product key update, we will issue a product key for the latest version of software.


License Maintenance

Normally, a product key is activated on a computer connected to the network, but if you use MELSOFT Gemini on an offline computer, we will assist you in the activation process.
If you are unable to deactivate it by yourself due to some reasons such as your computer damaged, we will also assist you in deactivating MELSOFT Gemini.


Dedicated Technical Support

Technical support members will be available to answer any questions you may have such as MELSOFT Gemini operation and settings.

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