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Basic Servo
  • Basic Servo

This course suits for people who are interesting in servo system or currently use servo system which will start from the basic knowledge of servo system? A Closed-Loop Control system for controlling speed and position. Moreover, trainees will be able to apply this knowledge into manufacturing functions that require dynamic of speed, acceleration, torque and position to be more accurately in shorter time.

In this course, the trainees will be educated the fundamental theory of servo motor, servo amplifier selection technique, network connecting and status display system. Furthermore, the trainees will have experiences of real practice in the class.

Course Syllabus

1. Basic functions of Servo system

2. Method of servo amplifier model selection to work well with servo motor

3. Structure of servo system and linking technique

4. Parameter settings

5. Monitoring servo status

6. Specify ZERO position of servo motor

7. Apply servo motor with different applications

8. PLC Programming to control Servo motor


1. PLC101 Basic PLC course, basic PLC knowledge and basic skill of using GX Developer or GX Works2.

2. Basic knowledge of electricity or experience in measuring and controlling system.

3. Basic skills in computer and English.

Provided Equipment : Servo motor (MR-J4) and PLC(FX3U) 11 sets
Training Session Info : 09:00-16:30 (Registration 08:30)
Days : 2
Trainee/class : 22 Trainees (2 Trainees/kit set)

Date and location
Remark : Course detail may be changed without prior notice