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Function Block Diagram
  • Function Block Diagram

This course is an continuing course for those who have the basic of the GX Works3 program with iQ-F (FX5U) and iQ-R PLCs and want to learn program designing with Function Block Diagram, Ladder and FBD / LD, which is 1 of 5 PLC programming languages used for automation systems according to IEC-1131-3.

Furthermore, we also teaches how to use the Function and Function Block and the process of creating a user library that has a working sequence according to the user's design also methods of how to use various components ex. FBD unit, LD unit and Common unit which are basic components needed for program design in FBD / LD format.

Trainees will have a chance to use iQ-F (FX5U) and iQ-R PLCs with GX Works3 in order to design a program to control the work sequence of the machine.

Course Syllabus
  1.  Function and Function block details
  2. How to create User library
  3. How to use various components ex. FBD unit, LD unit and Common unit 
  4. How to use Simulation mode


Provided Equipment : PLC kit set (iQ-R, iQ-R series) 15 sets
Training Session Info : 09:00-16:30 (Registration 08:30)
Days : 1
Trainee/class : 30 Trainees (2Trainees/kit set)

Date and location
Remark : Course detail may be changed without prior notice