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CC Link IE Control
  • CC Link IE Control

This course sets up for people who would like to know how to utilize PLC into network as connectivity in Control Level Network or as known as CC-Link IE Control. Nowadays, the factory automation system is needed for every factory in which need the conformity of each production line. Therefore, it is essential to connect PLCs of each process into network system in order to transfer data with the speed up to 1 GB to enhance production efficiency. Furthermore CC-Link IE Control is one of network system standard which convenient to use, highly reliable and easy for troubleshooting.

In this course, you will learn principal of CC-Link IE Control network system which enable the communication among Mitsubishi PLC, Configuration of PLC Parameter and PLC programming to send-receive data between PLCs in the network. Moreover, you will know how to improve existing network with current technology to be more efficient.

Course Syllabus

1. Basic of PLC network implementation

2. PLC and CPU's characteristic in each network system

3. PLC qualification and required equipment for setting up each type of PLC network system

4. Introducing module to link the network and switch configuration

5. How to set parameter?

6. How to investigate and fix the network problem?

7. How to link remote I/O in the network?

8. How to use the network system in advance level?

9. How to change the old system to the new network system?


1. Complete PLC201 course (Advance PLC) or have advanced PLC's knowledge and have experiences in GX Works2 software.

2. Basic skills in computer and English.

Provided Equipment : PLC (A-Series, Q-Series) and MELSECNET 8 sets
Training Session Info : 09:00-16:30 (Registration 08:30)
Days : 2
Trainee/class : 16 Trainees (2 Trainees/kit set)

Date and location
Remark : Course detail may be changed without prior notice