Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Thailand - มิตซูบิชิ อีเล็คทริค แฟคทอรี่ ออโตเมชั่น ประเทศไทย SCADA system™ GENESIS 64 | MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC THAILAND FA

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Improve visibility and operational efficiency - Case 01

SCADA software-ICONICS Suite™

Production management Equipment maintenance

Improve visibility and operational efficiency - Case 01

Production and equipment status need to be monitored to achieve operational excellence
Leverage universal connectivity to visualize all related information within a fast, responsive, and intuitive graphical environment
  • Support for standard internet browsers and apps on Android™ and Apple® platforms
  • Read/write and monitoring capabilities from any device
  • Advanced visualization with 2D and 3D models and animations

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