Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Thailand - มิตซูบิชิ อีเล็คทริค แฟคทอรี่ ออโตเมชั่น ประเทศไทย SCADA system™ GENESIS 64 | MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC THAILAND FA

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Reduce engineering time - Case 12

SCADA software-ICONICS Suite™

Easy connectivity and integration Efficient engineering

Reduce engineering time - Case 12

Efficiently develop systems that solve complex customer needs
Boost software scalability and rapidly deliver innovative capabilities with time-saving development tools
  • Reduce display creation time by importing CAD drawings of graphical assets
  • Develop reusable equipment and asset templates to rapidly deploy across your enterprise
  • Exchange information with external databases using powerful workflow technology
  • Simplify screen development using point-and-click tools; no scripting required

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