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Factory Automation

A new solution from Mitsubishi Electric! with LINE Notification Solution, a solution to notify the status or production problems of machines to LINE Application. This solution is a ready-to-use instant application using the capabilities of the Mitsubishi C Intelligent Function Module (RD55UP12-V) that is a module that can install the Linux® operating system, allowing the application to be freely designed, and LINE Notification Solution is one such application.

The C Intelligent Function Module, an intelligent module in the MELSEC iQ-R series PLCs, is a device capable of edge computing, one of which is to install a Linux® operating system. As a result, users can develop their own programs using various computer languages ​​that are popular today, for example Python. In addition, the C Intelligent Function Module has the ability to exchange data with PLCs. It is also suitable for installation in factories and various machines, resulting in notification of status or production problems of machines can be sent to LINE Application immediately.

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