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Engineering Service and Support
Mitsubishi Electric provides a comprehensive support services designed to exceed all customer expectations, while maximizing benefits through ensuring the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCOs) of our products. We provide training, supporting and consulting for our customer to utilize to the most benefit from our product in order to maximize efficiency of our customers’ manufacturing process and control. Our mission is to ensure that our product will operate perfectly with customer’s system which entrust the customers that their investment will value in both term of time and productivity.
Our Services
Consulting And Supporting Service

Our expert engineers speak three languages fluently: Thai, English and Japanese. We provide troubleshooting, parts recommendations, operation advice and programming advice such as fault diagnosis, replacing a defective module, or recommending the best alternative which depending on the nature of the problem and condition of your equipment.

Technical Service

Our fully-qualified engineers arrive equipped with diagnostic equipment, tools and replacement parts to provide troubleshooting services as well as operations and programming support. We also provide solutions to meet your unique industrial automation challenges, evaluate system performance and make recommendations to maximize uptime, increase productivity and improve the overall performance. Moreover, our technical experts have access to Mitsubishi Electric FA database which we store all data and knowledge to ensure world class efficiency and serve the best support to our customers.

Repair And Maintenance Service

All of our engineers who take a responsibility on repairing have been trained from MITSUBISHI Japan directly. Moreover, we also import a testing and measuring tools that have a same standard as using in Japan to ensure that all the products will work properly once they have been repaired. All the cases of repairing will be kept in our system to improve our technicians’ knowledge. Therefore, repairing duration can take less than 30 days. All of our repairing processes are operated in a country therefore this can guarantee the most reasonable price. We also develop preventive maintenance for inverter and remote maintenance via GSM modem.

Extended Warranty Contract (EWC) And Retrofit for CNC Controller

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CNC is committed to developing new products and services to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, we offer after-sales service such as EWC (Extended Warranty Contract) or 1-year warranty for CNC Controller for the best value of our customers. We also provide Retrofit service for customers who want to increase an efficiency like having new CNC machine.

Next day shipping

To maximize productivity, Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides a fast delivery system to deliver required products to our customers. Most of our orders will be shipped on the next working day of receipt of a purchase order

Skill Standard Test Center: PLC Level 1

Skill Standard Test Center: Programmable Logic Controller (Programmable Logic Controller: PLC) Level 1, which is the first to be licensed to open as a center for testing labor standards. By focusing on increasing the number of quality labor in Thailand

MELFA Robot Care Program

An annual maintenance program for industrial robots reduces risks from unintentional stops that may affect production. It also improves the robot's efficiency, increases productivity, and extends the lifespan of the robot for a longer period.

Remote Technical Service

An alternative service for customers who face programming issues or failure in performance due to program execution errors., provided by a team of expert engineers from Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., covering all factory automation products such as PLC, Servo, Inverter, Human-Machine Interface(HMIs)-GOT, Vision sensor, Code reader, SCADA system and Industrial robots.

Solutions and program design services.

Solutions and program design services. Focus on development of industrial automation by improving the system in order to work with maximum efficiency according to the concept "Changes for the better" and can be displayed as information that is easy to understand for users with after-sales service. Assure customers that they will receive direct support from the brand owner. and meet all needs according to the plan.

Line Notification Solution

New solution from Mitsubishi Electric! with LINE Notification Solution, it is a solution package that notifies the status or production problem of machines to LINE Application. This solution is a ready-to-use application that can be integrated with the Mitsubishi Electric C Intelligent Function Module (RD55UP12-V). And applications can also be installed on Linux® operating systems.

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