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e-F@ctory Starter Package

The e-F@ctory starter package is a package of sample projects for analyzing equipment information collected in the programmable controller and displaying analyzed results on the GOT (HMI). Designing complex analysis algorithms and graphs is unnecessary, realizing the equipment operation monitoring system at a lower cost.


Utilization of IoT in manufacturing

IoT technology enables real-time monitoring of production equipment, manufacturing status, and product quality, making feedback to the equipment and operators easier

Low-cost installation

The starter package can help solve issues including consideration time and budget required for IoT system construction.

Support IoT on the shop floor

Programs for visualization and simple analysis are provided in sample project format, realizing IoT infrastructure on the shop floor just with basic settings

Various functions are available

Dashboard Management

Displays the production and operational status of equipment such as the equipment overall efficiency and number of production comprehensively.

The status of alarms on each function screen can be monitored at once, and transition to each function is possible to check the details

Production counting Management

Visualize the production information (number of production, number of non-defective products, etc.).

Today's production information and production information from past to present can be checked by product type and time zone.

Operational status monitor Management

The equipment operation status (operating, stopped, nonoperating) is displayed in a graph over time, and the status of the equipment is monitored in real-time.

Special Promotion

Starts from 90,000 baht

You will receive:
• PLC: MELSEC iQ-R series
• HMI Touchscreen: GOT 2000 series
• Software: GT Works3, GX Works3 and template files
• Engineering charge; covering 3 Management functions (Dashboard, Production Count, Operational Status Monitor)

Other Features
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