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Food, medicine, cosmetics


Support production of daily necessities and realize safety and security

Factories such as foods, medicines, cosmetics and other items essential to our daily lives are required to solve various problems such as production speed, quality improvement, production control for safety and security. 

Mitsubishi Electric will collaborate with a variety of partners to propose optimal solutions for the whole factory as well as each manufacturing process and support customer problem solving.

Compounding process

In the compounding process in which multiple ingredients are mixed, not only appropriate temperature control, but also one blending amount is large, so reduction of waste loss due to power outage is an issue to improve productivity. Problems in the compounding process can be solved with Mitsubishi Electric's product group.
• "Temperature control unit" which easily realizes stable temperature control 
• "Small capacity UPS FREQUPS series" that provides optimum relief for power supply 
• "BOX data logger" that reports and outputs batch process data without a PC

Molding process
In the molding process with many small-scale equipment, it is required not only to improve molding quality and production speed but also to build it easily. Also, energy saving measures are one of the challenges. The problems of molding process can be solved by Mitsubishi Electric's product group.
• "Sequencer MELSEC-F Series" that easily realizes automation of equipment • 
"Inverter FREQROL-A 800 series" capable of high response and high speed operation 
• "High performance energy saving motor SF-PR series "

Inspection / sorting process
In inspection / sorting processes conducted by workers such as inspection work, alignment work, packaging machine supply work etc., reduction of human error is a task. In addition, compactification of equipment is also demanded. Problems of inspection / sorting process can be solved with Mitsubishi Electric's product group.
• "Horizontal articulated robot MELFA F series" that can be installed in existing space • 
"Sensorless Servo FR - E 700 EX, MM - GKR Series" for realizing high precision operation without encoder 
• "Graphic Operation Terminal GOT 2000 series"

Packaging process
In packaging processes with many high-speed and high-precision devices, there are issues such as miniaturization and easy start-up of devices, energy saving measures as well as high performance. The problems of packaging process can be solved by Mitsubishi Electric's product group.
• "MELSEC iQ-R compliant motion controller" to easily realize high-speed and high-precision equipment and realize downsizing of equipment 
• "servo amplifier MELSERVO-J4 servo amplifier that contributes to energy saving by effectively utilizing regenerative electric power"
Reduce TCO with eF@ctory
Collect information on "Now" at the manufacturing site. By analyzing and managing with IT system, we help to reduce total TCO of factory.
• By collecting and visualizing quality information, we will grasp the quality trends and realize prevention of defects. 
• Identify bottlenecks by analyzing facility operation information. We will support prompt and effective improvement activities. 
• Promote energy saving activities by energy management and energy management based on production information.

Product quality control
The quality required for foods and medicines such as compliance with international standards, traceability of manufacturing history, security of manufacturing sites, etc. are increasing year by year. Mitsubishi Electric will support the solution of these food and pharmaceutical manufacturing issues.
• Support FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GMP compliance. 
• Realize thorough management of manufacturing history.

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