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Training Courses
Training Course Mitsubishi Electric
We provide both in-house and on-site training. Our classes provide an excellent operational capabilities to learners, including technical knowledge on state-of-the art technology to maximize the benefits of the products. This is delivered via 23 curricula in which you can design solutions, maintain equipment at peak operation levels, as well as troubleshoot and resolve problems independently. 
Training courses are ranged from beginning to advance. Each of classes can support up to 30  trainees. To make our training more effective, we provide a real training kit for our trainees to study in pair.
Our training engineers have the real experience on-site service as well as joining the training aboard which conducted by Mitsubishi Electric. Directly know-how transferring can ensure that our training engineer will deliver all up-to-date technique to our trainees.
Data Collection
Data Logger

This course suites for users who are interesting in using High speed data logger for logging FX-Series or Q-Series PLC data by using logging Function, GX Logviewer and High Speed Data Logger Module Configuration Tool as a medium.

This course, the trainees will able to receive data through the Ethernet communication. This course will introduce the PLC data collection then displaying in graph format, concentrate on the systems those have Mitsubishi-International-Standard PLC network. Those data in the software will help to analysis the operation for the maintenances.

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MX Sheet

This purpose of this course is to introduce how to use Microsoft excel with PLC in order to send and receive data in each form by using MX Component as a medium which is really famous in nowadays.

In this course, the trainees will be able to send and receive data through each different communication system. This course will concentrate on the systems those have international standard and Mitsubishi PLC network system. Those data in Microsoft excel can be managed in order to utilize the benefit of data in real production.

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MES Interface

This course is designed for those who are interested in studying or general users to learn about the principles of using the MES Interface module as an intermediary to connect data from the shop floor in the production line via PLC devices to the system. Database for storing the required information Which can be stored in various databases, such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Oracle.

This is to bring the data stored in the database for analysis in order to plan production decisions with the goal of increasing efficiency in improving production capacity. It can also be used to plan the product life cycle, time, resources, order processing and delivery, Overall production analysis OEE effectiveness, which the system will be more effective when working with ERP management software.

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