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Man, machine and environment in perfect harmony

MELSERVO introduces the servo amplifiers to the market based on the concept of Human (User friendly and Safety function), Machine (High performance) and Environment (Energy saving).

More Details

Servo Amplifier

Compatible with SSCNETIII/H, General-purpose (Pulse and Analog input) interface. Compliant with safety standards. 2/3-axis servo amplifier.
Product Features

Rotary Servo Motor

4 Million pulse/rev encoder, 200 V AC/400 V AC Class, 48 V DC/24 V DC and range of products from 10 W to 220 kW. HG-KR/HG-MR/HG-SR/HG-JR/HG-RR/HG-UR/HG-AK Series.
Product Features

Linear Servo Motor

4 motor series (LM-H3/LM-U2/LM-F/LM-K2) are available for a variety of applications.
Product Features

Direct Drive Motor

Best matching for the application which is required low speed and high torque. 4 different frames and 18 motors are available.
Product Features
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