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Factory Automation

Key Features

Visualize assets with 2D and 3D graphics

Distributed alarm management

Configure once
and deploy anywhere

ISA-95 asset management

Harness point-and-click
commands for interoperability

Create powerful reusable
smart symbols

Minimize Design Time

The largest cost of any automation project is in engineering the application. For an average project, this can be well over sixty percent of the total investment. GENESIS64 greatly reduces configuration effort and minimizes design time, resulting in enormous cost savings and drastically reduced deployment time. As an award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner, ICONICS consistently delivers software solutions that run on the latest 64-bit Microsoft operating systems, affordable IoT devices, and Microsoft Azure. Leverage key features of Windows within GENESIS64 and provide users with the greatest application performance, reliability, and flexibility.

Real-Time and Historical Trends

Visualize enterprise-wide data in trends, logs, charts, and reports with GENESIS64’s trending module, TrendWorX™64. Chart real-time and historical data from any relational database to provide users with actionable data. Customize trends with varying data replay rates, colors, multiple data sources, and multiple cursors. Interact with trends in runtime with multiple playback and filtering functions.

Asset Management

GENESIS64 includes an ISA-95 compliant asset management module called AssetWorX™. Assets can be organized and configured in the Workbench with a runtime component critical for scaling large projects while providing intuitive navigation. These hierarchies can optionally include alarms, customizable colors, icons, names, and drag-and-drop functionalities.

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