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Customer Magazine

Many of you know words like Kaizen, Poke Yoke, Kanban but quite possibly Monozukuri is new to you. Simply translated it means “The Art of Manufacturing” and is the very apt title of our customer magazine. In today’s manufacturing environment things are changing at an ever greater speed; Industry 4.0, Digital manufacturing, AI, Robotics, the list is bewildering and frankly can be challenging to understand. We will explore a different aspect of the manufacturing process in each edition of our magazine, supplementing it with Solution Reports, Case Studies, News, Products and insights.

Current Issue – “Society 5.0 special”

We focus on how we share workspace with robots, AI and digitalization.

  • The changing face of manufacturing – e-F@ctory solutions to share workspace.
  • The perfect pick – Martinshof Werkstatt case study
  • Mitsubishi Electric named in the Forbes Digital 100
  • News from Around the World / A Taste of Japan / Did you know?
  • And more
  • Previous Issue – “Energy Special”

    We focus on one of the necessities of life and manufacturing: Energy.

  • Sustainable Goals: e-F@ctory solutions to energy saving challenges.
  • Dr. Energy: Nitto Denko case study.
  • News from Around the World / A Taste of Japan / Did you know?
  • And more

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