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Network-related products

The MELSEC network - launching a network industrial revolution.

MELSEC responds to the new demands of the industrial network and optimizes the entire system by providing the services needed at production sites such as high-speed control, large-volume data control, flexible wiring, simple startup and maintenance.

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Ethernet-based open integrated network enabling seamless communication between the IT system and shop floor.
Product Features

CC-Link IE Control Network

This Ethernet based controller-to-controller network enables high-speed communication and high-volume transmission, with seamless communication not interrupted by layers.
Product Features

CC-Link IE Field Network

CC-Link IE incorporates high-speed I/O control, generic distributed control, synchronous motion control, and safety control enabling safety communications across multiple safety devices, all on the same network. This Ethernet based open field network can flexibly configure the system corresponds to the installation environment using highly flexible twisted-pair cable.
Product Features

CC-Link IE Field Network Basic

CC-Link IE Field Network Basic realizes easier network integration, as its cyclic communications stack is software-based, without requiring a dedicated ASIC helping to reduce implementation costs for device partners. Transparent communications are achieved by utilizing SLMP that enables seamless connectivity within all levels of manufacturing.
Product Features


World standard, first in Japan and in Asia. This serial-based high-speed field network is capable of control and information handling.
Product Features

CC-Link Safety

This safety field network constructs a safety system utilizing CC-Link high-speed communication to protect production sites from dangers.
Product Features


Internal and external wire reduction network featuring openeness of CC-Link to eliminate on site problems such as overly complex wiring work or wiring errors.
Product Features


Ethernet is the highest level (management level) network which connects the upper system and production sites.
Product Features


AnyWire is a sensor level distributed control network that is designed to reduce installation costs by utilizing general-purpose wiring and robot cables.
Product Features


SSCNET is high-speed and high-performance servo system controller network utilizing optical fiber cable, which is extendable for a long distance.
Product Features


Network modules connecting controllers in each process in a production line.
Product Features


Interface module supporting MODBUS® and MODBUS® /TCP communication.
Product Features


Interface module for EtherNet/IP™ network.
Product Features


Interface module for PROFIBUS® network.
Product Features


Interface module for DeviceNet® network.
Product Features

Serial communication

Serial communication module allowing PLC data collection by connecting with devices supporting RS-232/422/485.
Product Features


Interface module connectable to FL-net network.
Product Features


Interface module for AS-i network.
Product Features
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