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S-PM Geared Motors Right angle shaft type

S-PM geared motors achieve stable speed control and energy saving through sensorless control.

The speed control by the sensorless control is comparable to servo motors.
It is possible the device to miniaturize the device by hollow shaft installation.

S-PM geared motor can do the simplified position holding by the preliminary excitation function, in regard can drive frequently.

More Details

GV-SSY series

This series is the compact type that minimize the distance from the output shaft to the case end face as possible. Therefore these motors are possible to be installed easily in small-sized machines. These motors are designed to allow both flange and face-mouting methods (0.1-2.2kW).
Product Features

GV-SHY series

This series is available for various installation methods: flange, face-mounting and foot-mounting. And these are prepared for the wide range of gear ratios from 1/5 to 1/1440.(0.1-2.2kW)
Product Features
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