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Automotive/ Automotive Parts Fields

In vehicle manufacturing plants that handle a vast number of parts and wide variety of processes, there is a need to solve various issues such as responding to mixed production of many different car models, improving production speed and quality, considering worker safety and engaging in environment-oriented initiatives.

  e-F@ctory helps provide solutions to the issues customers face by offering optimal solutions through forming common platforms and alliances with many different partners.

Coil set

• Want to perform loading/unloading to/from processing machines automatically
• Concerned about cost of installing a robot
• Want to further improve the productivity of processing machines
• Installing a robot increases production volume approximately 1.5 times, compensating for equipment depreciation in about one year
• Flexibly supports different product types and production adjustments, and reduces dangerous work (Note: Calculated using Mitsubishi Electric conditions and calculations)

Outer join welding 

• Want to ascertain the status of each device in the welding process
• By installing a PLC, the values of designated devices can be monitored in real-time with arbitrary sensitivity and timing, which leads to preventive maintenance

Paint inspection

• In the past, operators inspected accuracy visually and manually. With consideration to mass production, want to shorten time required to inspect each workpiece and eliminate measured value variation due to operators’ level of experience
• The tasks of lot no. scanning, accuracy inspection and measured value recording are all performed automatically, therefore shortening inspection time. Able to perform batch inspection with a sensor jig, therefore creating an inspection system not dependent on operator experience. Reduces manufacturing costs by reducing number of people required for inspection work

15 Assembly

• Human error occurs, such as missing a machining step, therefore machining in the wrong order. Want to manufacture products that have passed through the necessary processes with certainty and create a system that can manage process sequence

• Through individual management of parts for machining, able to ascertain whether or not parts have been machined in line with the correct process sequence. Workpiece individual management is possible with a laser engraving + barcode reader, and major additional machining is not required

Glass attachment

• Want the coating apparatus to be able to trace the glass surface so that adhesive agent is applied evenly
• Correction of nozzle position with a laser displacement sensor

External inspection

• Would like to automate inspection work performed manually and visually by operators
• Would like inspection results to have traceability
• Many man-hours are required to develop programs for sensors

• Automation is possible by installing sensors for gap measurement
• Inspection history can be traced using logging data
• Less man-hours required for development due to a "single-tool" engineering environment and sample programs


• Want to reduce the time it takes for shop floor equipment to recover after a fault has occurred
• Want to easily carry out regular backup of system data for the overall line
• Want to prevent trouble by assessing signs of power abnormalities in equipment

• GOT backup/System recovery without a computer using a restore function
• Batch backup of all system data with the integration engineering tool
• Prevent sudden breakdowns by constantly monitoring electric current (or electric power)

Other Features
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