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Engineering Software

Mitsubishi Electric brand software (MELSOFT) provides an integrated product suite to reduce the total cost of ownership and speed up time to market. During the engineering stage, MELSOFT products are used to design systems encompassing the entire portfolio of automation products.  Powerful simulation tools are used to reduce programming and debug time.  Machine operators benefit from visualization products to further increase operation efficiencies.  A broad range of maintenance tools are also available to decrease time to repair.

Product Lineup

iQ Works

iQ Works is a comprehensive software suite that enables intuitive programming and setup of any Mitsubishi Electric system, including network configuration, PLC programming, motion controller and servo setup, GOT screen design, and robot configuration. Simulators and label sharing are also integrated to simplify cross-discipline engineering and troubleshooting. The highly graphical and fully customizable workspace provides a user-friendly interface with full visibility and control over the entire system.

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GX Works

GX Works3 is the programming and configuration software for iQ-F and iQ-R controllers. GX Works2 is the programming and configuration software for FX, L, and Q Series controllers. Following the goal of maximum efficiency, GX Works2 & GX Works3 conform to IEC61131-3 standards, allowing developers to mix and match between five different programming languages and save parts of projects in libraries for use within future applications.

GX Works3 Details

GX Works2 Details


PX Developer


This software enables the easy creation of loop control programs with simple drag & drop operations.

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MX Component

Active X controller library which easily realizes This Active X controller library enables easy communication processing from the PC to PLC, without the need for protocol awareness.

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MX Sheet

Software which uses Excel to monitor, log, collect alarm Details and change configurations for the PLC.

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Other engineering softwares


Lineup of various software to support the MELSEC Series engineering environment.

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Peripheral equipment support tools


Lineup of various free tools that further simplify development of the MELSEC Series.

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